TAO 2.2a Developer's Guide E-book


This is the latest version of the TAO Developer's Guide, available as an electronic book.

The TAO Developers Guide is provided in 3 different formats. Your purchase provides access to all of them. The following information is provided to help you decide which format you will need to be able to view the guide on your preferred device.

eBooks in mobi format can be read on any of the Kindle eBook readers, as well as in any of the Kindle Apps for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, or Blackberry.

The azw3 format is a newer format for Kindle readers and apps, and may provide better rendering than mobi.

eBooks in the EPUB format can be read on Windows and Mac computers with Adobe Digital Editions; on the Barnes & Noble NOOK and NOOKcolor; on the Sony eBook readers; as well as the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch in iBooks.

PDF files can be read on computer systems using Adobe Acrobat Reader or other 3rd party applications. Many Kindle eBook readers (Kindle 2 and newer) and Sony's devices also support viewing PDF files without any additional conversion.

Format Windows/MacOS/Linux Devices
mobi, azw3 Kindle App Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (using Kindle App)
epub Adobe Digital Editions NOOK, NOOKcolor, Sony eBook Readers, Libre, iPad
pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader Android, Blackberry (using Adobe Acrobat Reader), Sony eBook Readers, Libre, Kindle (version 2 and newer)
Price: $19.95
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